Pamphlet Ministry

By turning our sermons into a pamphlet form we are able to take them to more people. We make them available in waiting rooms and other various reading areas across the Williamsburg area.

View all our pamphlets here on Google Drive.

A Lesson on Love.png

A Lesson on Love

Here Jesus needed to teach His disciples a valuable lesson. Even though this was the closing hours of Jesus life; He never stopped trying to help others. Jesus loved His own and He loved them until the end. Even those who did not love Him, such as Judas, who would betray Him.

From a Nobody to a Somebody.png

From a Nobody to a Somebody

There are stories in the Bible of people who inspire me to do more for my Savior. Stories of nobodies that become somebodies. Both men and women, such as Esther

God's Sex Ed 101.png

God's Sex Ed 101

Where do young people get their ideas about sexuality? I realize sex is a sensitive subject but we don’t need to be ashamed to discuss that which God was not ashamed to create. There is always a teachable moment that will come along.

How to Maintain Mometum

I have discovered a highly motivated man is a highly achieving person. These are the people who also get things done for God.

Man's Greatest Need.png

Man's Greatest Need

What do you believe is man's greatest need? Is it education, finances, peace? Why did Jesus come to this earth?

Our Life is Like a Tale Told

His ideal of a tale has in view the swiftness of life, how soon they are over.

A Savior for Sinners.png

A Savior for Sinners

There at the summit of a hill just outside the city of Jerusalem; we sing on a hill far away. It was here Satan was defeated the one who ruled the world.

Get Back Up.png

Get Back Up

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again.


Heaven and How to Get There

I want us to think about heaven and how to get there. I believe the devil doesn't want people to know about heaven, a place that's so wonderful. He wants us to think of here.

Keeping the Trash Out

We will look at the greatest teaching to a Christian and that is to learn how to pray and to get your prayers answered. This passage tells us how to keep the trash out of our life.

Me and My Shadow.png

Me and My Shadow

Here we read of the shadow of a great man of God, one so powerful that when it fell across the sick, they were healed.

A Sloppy Housewife.png

A Sloppy Housewife

Jesus used this story to convey to His listeners the joy that heaven experiences when a sinner repents. But here we are going to look at a sloppy housewife; because of her carelessness she lost a very valuable coin.

God Finishes What He Starts.png

God Finishes What He Starts

Have you ever started something you could not finish? I guess we all have. We may have had great aspirations and jumped into something before we were ready, and never could finish.

How to Avoid Sin

Here is a clear warning to each of us. 1 Corinthians 10:12. “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”

Lose Yourself or You Will Lose Yourself

Here we have one of the most dominant and ever reoccurring themes of Jesus teachingus about the threat we have in our flesh.

Memories of Mother.png

Memories of Mother

Here the word of God speaks about the memory of mothers. We have come today to honor our mothers and all the blessings their life gave to us.